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Operax is an independendent software provider with more than 10 years experience from designing highly available network communications software. We provide an award-winning resource and policy control product and a number of reusable software SDKs and frameworks serving as base for developing any kind of network communications software with carrier grade or defense grade properties. We provide both reusable components and  custom software development. The Operax team is focused on building well-crafted lightweight software which is easy to integrate and maintain.

Company Overview

The software and core competence originates from Operax, the RACS specialists since 2000, and have been carried forward and evolved as a business unit under NetSocket in 2008-2011. In June 2011 the business unit became independent under management of the original core team and changed legal name to Xarepo AB. We maintain the trademarks of Operax.

Operax delivers software products, SDKs/frameworks, custom software development services and support in the telecom and defense IP network environment. We also deliver consultancy services on solution architectures and software project management.

We have a unique mix of carrier grade products and software components with open APIs and protocol interfaces that can be licensed/OEM:ed as desired together with professional services for integration and adaptation.

The Resource Control Point (RCP) product includes software modules for IP network resource and policy control in mobile, fixed and cable (PCRF, RACS  and PKT-MM Policy Server).

The SDKs and frameworks  include software modules for High Availability Cluster, Distributed Software Management, distributed data storage/mirroring, Diameter stack, Diameter agent, etc.

Core Team

The Operax team performs agile software development where each team member takes part in identification of customer and system requirements, architecture design, development, documentation, testing, and customer support.

Joachim Johansson (MSc) – Component Architect and Developer:
· design, implementation and maintenance of the regression test system,
· feasibility studies including requirement breakdown and time estimation,
· technical documentation such as user guides and reference manuals.

Johan Karlsson (PhD) - Component and Algorithm Architect and Developer:
· design and implementation of diameter agent and in-house diameter stack,
· algorithmic expertise: real-time carrier grade algorithms,
· configuration management (CM).

Joakim Norrgård (MSc) – Systems Architect:
design of customer solutions and systems integration,
· product management and technical pre-sales,
design and implementation of the policy control engine and PCMM modules,
· feasibility studies and requirements analysis.

Daniel Olsson (MSc) – Developer & Operations Engineer:
· design and implementation of resource provisioning and topology probe,
· configuration management (CM),
· technical operations and support in execution of proof-of-concepts (PoC), inter-operability tests (IOT), lab trials, and field trials off- and on-customer premises.

Olov Schelén (PhD) – CEO/CTO:
· customer account management & technical pre-sale,
· mid to long term technology strategy definition and direction,
· product management, road map and strategy.

Anders Torger (MSc) – Systems Architect:
· carrier grade high availability real-time systems and design,
· data mirroring,
· system scalability,
· feasibility studies and requirements analysis.